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We are a full service accounting and financial service firm located in Branford, Connecticut. We offer a wide array of accounting, taxation, and consulting services to individuals, and small to large businesses. In addition, we also provide estate planning, asset protection strategies, litigation preparation, life and retirement planning, and representation before the IRS.

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Arendholz Bryan & Associates

It must be mentioned here that Mike is a personable and patient guy; no pressure, no “hurry up and finish and on to the next client.” He takes his time, is very clear, organized and will go over things a number of times to make sure we understand everything we need to know about our policy, in addition to things we ask about just for curiosity’s sake.

Dita Varleta & Dave McDonald
Branford, CT

I no longer had to deal with the IRS.... that was now Arendholz Bryan's job! After a few short months, my IRS issues were solved and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Linda K
Milford, CT

Mike knew how difficult it was for me to finally “take the plunge” and he was available for all my questions and concerns. Take the time to meet with Mike and his team, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Deb F
Hamden, CT

They're a compassionate, good company that has resolved all my tax problems and I don't know what I would have done without them.

Susan A
Lyme, CT

As a taxpayer, the firm provides excellent professional accounting services that have been proven valuable for my personal and business returns and investments.

Andy Gundell

From the very first day I met Mike, Jeff, and Steve, I knew I had done the right thing. Even though my portfolio was small, they treated me with respect, and said they were there to help me develop a plan for the future. This year they did my taxes and charged less that that national company had done! I highly recommend ABAPC and urge anyone with financial problems to contact them – don’t wait as long as I did to get top-notch financial advice and assistance.

Kate G
Branford, Connecticut

My first impression of the team was that they were not judgmental, which was a big plus for me. Like every good story the ending is the best. I’m happy to tell you I was granted an offer in compromise in December 2013. My bill was still at $23k and they settled for $1200. Just today I sent out the final check for the balance due. I can never express the relief I feel being totally current with the IRS.

New Haven, CT
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