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  • College Planning

  • Preparing your soon-to-be undergraduate(s) for college is an equally exciting and emotional aspect of life. We here at ABAPC INC understand the daunting task that comes with applying for college financial aid and compiling the necessary documentation. We can expertly navigate you towards the fiscal solutions and possibilities that will make affording your child’s education a dream-come-true—without the burden.

    Initiate the “college conversation.” With the unforeseen rising cost of tuition, financial planning for your child’s or children’s college education(s) has become a new terrain that is confusing and, at times, rocky to traverse on your own. Let us discuss strategy with you on how to best prepare for your children’s educational milestone and the monetary options available and accessible to you.

    Compile the FAFSA and/or CSS Profiles for your child’s school(s) of choice. Most U.S. colleges and universities require these applications to be filled out before a decision on financial aid can be reached. We guide you step-by-step through both of these applications and assist you in sending them to the colleges/universities in question.

    Brainstorm scholarships, grants, and work study programs that your child or children can apply for. In an effort to offset and/or eliminate the need for federal and private student loans, we direct you to the websites and resources that can help your future undergraduate(s) gain “free money” towards their college education.